Open Source Remote Desktop Alternative

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We all have seen the annoying TeamViewer “Commercial Use Suspected”. Let me be clear I don’t have an issue paying for software or services, but come on TeamViewer $588 dollars a year for a one seat remote desktop application.

I have looked at some of the alternatives for business use. Screenconnect and AnyDesk work great and are worth the their respective price, but what about home use? No one want’s spend $10+ a month to remote into their desktop to grab a file or check something out on their home network.

That is where comes into play. A free, open source, browser based remote access service. Similar to many other services you install a small agent on the computer you want to control and link it to your DWService (DWS) account. The agent is available on Windows, Mac and Linux which is awesome. After setting up your agent and logging into the web portal you will see your machine with various options, remote desktop, a resource monitor, a file browser and more.

The remote desktop access works great. Double click and you are in, no need to install any sort of client to view the screen. It features the normal things we have come accustom to in remote desktop apps, clipboard, remote “ctrl + alt + del”, quality control, multiple screens and more.

I mentioned that DWS was open source and that is half true, as of right now the agent is available on Github.

I could go on more about the features but it’s free, go give it a try.

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